Aggressive Lesbians 

Lesbian is a term which represents a group of women who are sexually and romantically involved with other females. Though lesbianism appeared in many cultures, not until recently lesbian has been described as a group of people. Late in the 19th century sexologists studied the behavior of same-sex behavior and designed the group as a special entity in the western culture. Many discussions have been led which resulted in three components to identify lesbians - sexual behavior, sexual desire and sexual identity. With this group coming into light in the recent years, many sub groups have formed depending on each other sexual desires and performances of sexual acts.  

Of the various groups present one of them is Aggressive Lesbians. Women or girls under this category try to dress up like a gangster man. They try out the leather outfits, the black and white suits, a bow and neatly polished shoes. They mainly try to attract more women for their pleasures or find women who are similar to their behavior.  

Lesbians are often encountered with health concerns. Political conditions, social attributes and family issues contribute to the lesbian relationships and families.  

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