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Lesbianism is considered as the love making act between two women or between two girls. This culture has evolved many centuries ago. Sexologists during the period of 19th century have researched on this strange behavior of women and concluded that lesbianism was mainly aroused due three points - sexual pleasure, sexual identity and emotional attachment. There were many reasons as to why women desired sexual pleasure from the same sex. Many lesbian groups were formed in the mean time and toured almost all the cities present in the United States and created awareness programs and conducted many parties which were the base for many to find their partners.


Teens were the main group that got affected easily. With the "let's Try" attitude many have undergone lesbian sex and later agreed to the fact that it was the pleasure that they were looking for. Cute lesbians were always attracted by other lesbian girls or women who were even married. Many married women who have turned to lesbian guided many cute teens towards lesbianism. These cute lesbian teens were attracted to the mature women easily. When they had their first sexual encounter they were pleased with the satisfaction they received from it. Soon they began to look for other cute teens that were attractive and sexy.


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